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What to expect from lessons

Let Mandy know what you would like to learn, what your singing aims/goals are, what your struggles and frustrations are etc  

Mandy will gear your lessons around you and your needs

Mandy Harris

Mandy has been teaching and coaching singing to individuals and groups, of all levels and abilities, since 1996 and is passionate about helping people to explore, discover and reach their vocal potential. 

Combining vocal technique, vocal health, and the science of sound, Mandy loves equipping students with the tools they need to find ease and expression in their voice.

Mandy creates a friendly, supportive group atmosphere, with lots of fun and enough gentle challenges to ensure steady growth as individual singers and as a community of singers.

Mandy is a professional singer and sings within the UK Christian music/Gospel sector and has a background in performing arts, music, audio, youth and childrens work, informal education and lifelong learning. 

Mandy is fully DBS checked, insured, and a CACHE registered Vocal Health First Aider.

"Mandy is an incredible person! She is truly gifted not only to sing and teach, but to draw out the gold from people. When I first started singing I hated my voice and did not believe I could sing let alone that being a potential career path!? I thank God that despite my negative attitude she saw something worth fighting for and she would not let me give up. She vocal trained me and taught me to believe in myself. I am now a professional singer and if it had not been for her I would have given up years ago. Whoever is lucky enough to have Mandy as a vocal trainer I can truly say you are in GOOD hands!"  

- Professional singer

I think Mandy is an excellent singing teacher. She really knows her stuff and works hard to bring out the best in her students. She creates great resources that make learning fun and help tune up your ears. If you want a thoughtful teacher who will care about your progress then I really recommend her". The teaching was clearly well informed on all scientific aspects of the way the human voice works. Tuition was delivered with warmth and inspiring encouragement. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about using their voice"

- Professional community musician

"Mandy is a terrific Singing teacher and motivator. She excels at tapping into the potential of individuals, and always challenges others to explore the capabilities of their voice. Her expertise and knowledge of singing ensures that she provides highly useful advice which aids the development of the singer. Her invaluable experience and longevity also speaks for itself. Lessons covered Technique, Control, Pitching, Harmonies and much more, to ensure that we can be as complete as possible. I strongly advise others to invest in this learning experience, as not only will it build confidence, but also helps tremendously to perfect your craft and tap into hidden potential that you may not even know was there!"

- Semi pro singer

"Mandy is an excellent singing teacher who is capable of giving you a sense of direction where it may not have seemed possible. She specialises in vocal technique and through a vast amount of expertise and experience, teaches exercises and gives advice that will be useful to singers of all ages and experiences. Through attending Mandy's lessons during secondary school, college and outside of these, I personally have gained so much knowledge on different areas of singing such as: vocal control, projection, harmony, vibrato and so on. I would strongly recommend singers of any level to invest in themselves by grabbing these excellent opportunities where not only will you be able to see improvements in your vocals, but in your confidence and character as well."

- Semi pro singer

"Mandy instantly puts you at ease - you have fun, and before you know it you've learned loads without even realising it. She can make what you thought was difficult seem easy, and you don't feel intimidated despite her immense knowledge when it comes to all things vocal. And to top it all off, as you'll hear when she demonstrates - she has the voice to back it up...and then some! I increasingly find myself recommending her to friends and colleagues of all different levels, which speaks for itself".  

- Professional sound engineer, musician and song writer

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