Singing for Health & Wellbeing: Sept-Nov 2021

10 Classes to watch on demand. Theme: Relationships

Explore & Improve your Singing Voice & your Wellbeing
• Learn about keeping your voice healthy
• Improve your health & wellbeing
• Reduce your voice effort
• Improve your sound

Course Summary

Explore & Improve your Singing Voice & your Wellbeing

• Learn about keeping your voice healthy
• Improve your health & wellbeing
• Reduce your voice effort
• Improve your sound

In the last term we had the overarching theme of 'space' and we looked at a variety of vocal and wellbeing themes to do with space. In this new term we will have the overarching theme of 'relationship' which follows on nicely in terms of the notion of distance/proximity, but the journey will, I'm sure, diversify greatly. Each week will have a sub theme and associated affirmation. For example re your relationship with your voice and how peoples voices have an impact on their human relationships. The relationship between how we use our bodies and our voices. The relationship between the things we hear and the sounds we produce. Musical relationships of various kinds etc.


The course was brilliant

"The course was brilliant. It was so well thought out, planned and delivered. I liked all elements of the course, the live sessions and the course notes and video. The live sessions were excellent, it was gentle and easy going, there was no pressure to talk or join in, you could just listen if you wanted to. However Mandy's manner was so relaxed you felt comfortable joining in. The content itself was amazing. It really helped me a lot.

For me, although it was a singing course the wellbeing element really stood out for me, positive messages about yourself as a person as well as you as a singer. For example one that really stuck with me was when we talked about having space, literally singing out in to the space but also meaning you are entitled to your space and you can fill it how you want.

It felt odd doing it in zoom but actually it worked well, you could mute or type in chat or talk and it was ok singing in your own home. I liked the course materials and also the fact that you could replay the session video, and revisit the learning at your own pace. All in all it was amazing, it really helped me a lot."


A student review of the July-Aug 21 term of the course

Course Curriculum

Mandy Harris

Mandy has been teaching and coaching singing to individuals and groups, of all levels and abilities, since 1996 and is passionate about helping people to explore, discover and reach their vocal potential. 

Combining vocal technique, vocal health, and the science of sound, Mandy loves equipping students with the tools they need to find ease and expression in their voice.

Mandy creates a friendly, supportive group atmosphere, with lots of fun and enough gentle challenges to ensure steady growth as individual singers and as a community of singers.

Mandy is a professional singer and sings within the UK Christian music/Gospel sector and has a background in performing arts, music, audio, youth and childrens work, informal education and lifelong learning. 

Mandy is fully DBS checked, insured, and a CACHE registered Vocal Health First Aider.

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