Vocal Reset

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This is a quick bit of self-help for your voice. You can do this if your voice feels stuck, cluttered, tired or tense. And it is good general, every day technique.

Imagine like the beginning of (before) a yawn where your jaw drops and then imagine tasting something really yummy, swallow slowly and keep that relaxed feeling like you have just swallowed down and are savouring the flavour.

Check that your neck is slightly elongated yet relaxed and that the position of your neck and head is neutral. Check that your tongue is not causing an obstruction and that, when you take breath in (through your nose or mouth), that you can feel a cool breeze at the back of your mouth/top of your throat. If might help you to picture the air going across the roof of your mouth even if your mouth is closed and you are breathing through your nose.

If struggling to find this or in need of a more obvious effect: Drop your jaw, check your neck and tongue and that swallowing muscles are relaxed down and then make a sound like you are imitating Darth Vader taking a breath in as if you are drawing the breath in through your mouth and across the blade of your tongue. Breath out as normal.

Retain this open feeling whilst you speak or sing. The space you create that allows the air to travel freely through your throat when you take the breath in, will also help the sound to naturally carry out of your throat when you speak and sing.

You might benefit from repeating the conscious and deliberate use of this vocal reset to help your voice relax and clear in general.

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