Soul Choir

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Sing inspirational, uplifting and meaningful songs with other lovely people. Be part of the beautiful sound - expressing soulfully styled songs in harmony. Fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Soul, RnB, Jazz, Neo soul, Soulful Pop, Gospel, Funk, Blues.

Material will also include remixes, mashups, original arrangements, rare and original songs.

Soul Choir sessions are not vocal technique training sessions though elements of technique are incorporated. For Singing technique training see ‘Singing Course’, ‘1-to-1 Singing Lessons’ or ‘Group Vocal Training’

Day & time: Monday evenings 8:15pm - 9:30pm

Dates: Dates observe school holidays and bank holidays but the dates within each Soul Choir half term might differ from those in each school half term. This semesters (15 weeks) dates
            24th of April 2017
            8th, 15th, 22nd of May 2017
            5th, 12th, 19th, 26th of June 2017
            3rd, 10th, 17th July 2017

            18th, 25th Sept 2017. 2nd, 9th, 16th October 2017

            6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Nov 2017. 4th Dec 2017

            8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan 2018. 5th Feb 2018

Venue: Ithaca House, 27 Romford road, E15 4LJ (Conference room. Upstairs. Turn right and right again)

Transport: 7min walk from Stratford station (Jubilee, Central line, London Overground, DLR,  TFL rail, Mainline) or Stratford High street (DLR) Zone 2/3

            1 min from buses 25, 86, 308
            3 mins from buses 69, 104, 108, 238, 241, 257, 262, 276, 308, 425, 473
            6 mins from buses 97, 158, 339, 388, D8

            Off of broadway, near St Johns, the Library and Nandos) onto Romford road. It is by the first bus stop on the left.

Requirements: No audition. No need to be able to read music. Outside of rehearsal sessions you will have access to recordings of harmony parts and backing tracks for rehearsal purposes. People of all abilities and levels of experience are welcome. Members aged 12-18 are allowed in the choir if always accompanied by an adult also in the choir who is responsible for them.

Performing: We will be looking to perform as a whole choir and in smaller groups. We are aiming to put on our own show at the end of each semester, perform in community settings, provide professional backing vocals for artists and shows and support any in-house (choir members) as  songwriters etc. We will aim for paid gigs where possible. There may be additional rehearsals required for those members involved with upcoming performances from 9:30pm-10pm some term weeks.

Membership fees: Membership fees are a lot cheaper for longer membership subscriptions, because we want to encourage people to come as often as possible for as long as possible - because this creates the best sense of community and the best, most practiced sound. You are very welcome to come irregularly, it's just the fees works out more for you to do so.

Whole year : 30 weeks
. Pay in full for £105 (equivalent to £3.50/session). Arrange payment here.
10 monthly instalments of £11. Arrange payment here.
5 monthly instalments of £21.50. Arrange payment here.

Semester : 15 weeks
Pay in full for £71.25 (equivalent to £4.75/session). Arrange payment here.
5 monthly instalments of £15.25. Arrange payment here.

Term : 10 weeks
Pay in full £62.50 (equivalent to £6.25/session). Arrange payment here.
3 monthly instalments of £22.50. Arrange payment here.

Half term : 5 weeks
Pay in full £40 (equivalent to £8). Arrange payment here.

Or for a single session (£10) at the door.

Discounts: Those who complete the Amaris Arts Singing Course receive a 20%  discount on Soul Choir for life. If you join Soul Choir whilst you are on the course, you will receive 20% cash back on the price you have paid for Soul Choir upon completion of the Singing Course.

Concessions: For Soul Choir there are also discounts for those over 60, unemployed, existing members of INUF and those whom were former members of the Trust In Harmony choir. If applicable, you will need to bring ID/proof with you for your first session.

Fees: You cannot pay membership fees or receive discounts on the door. You can complete and hand in registration forms on the door but payments will need to be arranged out of hours. Individual sessions on the door cost £10.

It is recommended that you register & arrange payment before your first Soul Choir session. Alternatively you can opt to pay on the door as a single session, and, as long as you arrange payment before the next session (not on the door), you will be able to claim what you previously paid against your fees. The session you paid for on the door will then be counted as your 1st week in your membership plan.

You can begin a half term/term/semester/year at any time. Your fees will cover you for the number of consecutive sessions you have paid for (5, 10, 15, 30) whether you are able to attend them or not. You cannot be refunded for any sessions that you miss.

If the choir were to come to a close, you will be refunded proportionally for the remaining sessions. If the choir needs to change venue, day or time, you will be able to be proportionally refunded (for the remaining sessions) if you will no longer be able to attend. Under no other circumstances will a refund be available.

You can download the Amaris Arts Spring 2017 Prospectus here

To arrange booking, please copy the following registration form text, complete all sections that apply to you, and email it to us. If you have a query, please email us via the form on 'Contact us'. Thank you


Registration Form and Payment Plan

Please ensure that you complete all sections that apply

First name:                 
Last name:
Preferred first name (if different):
Date of birth:

Email address:
Mobile to text:
Phone to call:

General information (sent in advance) will be emailed to you
Urgent information (any last minute changes) will be texted

For the purpose of our awareness, please indicate if you have any of the following health problems. Please state ‘yes’ next to it and give further information if necessary

Heart problems:
Epilepsy (or other condition that could cause fits or black outs:
Asthma, breathing/chest problems:
Back, shoulder, neck problems:
Ear, nose or throat problems:

Name of 1st person to contact in an emergency:
Their contact number in an emergency:

Name of 2nd person to contact in an emergency:
Their contact number in an emergency:

Their name (if applicable):

Once you have completed all payments for the course there will be a £10 voucher available in their name for them to use for any Amaris Arts training/activit/resource

The code:


Please type ‘yes’ next to the way you are going to pay

Half term (5 weeks):

Term (10 weeks) in full:
By 3 monthly instalments:

Semester (15 weeks.) in full:
By 5 monthly instalment:s:

Year (30 weeks) in full:
By 10 monthly instalments:
By 5 monthly instalments:

Please start the date you would like to start, if not the next date Soul Choir is on.

if arranging to pay by instalment, you will need to complete a separate payment agreement to state your legal obligation to honour your payments. 


For Soul Choir only, there are discounts available to the following groups of people. Those whom have completed an Amaris Arts Singing Course receive a 20% discount for Soul Choir for life. Over 60s OR those whom are unemployed can receive a 10% discount (ID/proof will be required on first attendance). Those whom are existing INUF members (you will need to have given your name for Soul Choir to Ithaca house in advance). Former members of the Trust In Harmony choir.

Please state ‘yes’ next to anything applicable to you
I am over 60:
I am unemployed:
I have completed an Amaris Arts Singing Course:
I am an existing member of INUF:
I was a former member of the Trust In Harmony choir:


If you would also like to be on the Amaris Arts Singing Course starting in September, please state ‘yes’ next to the way you are going to pay

Super Early bird:       Available till end June 2017
                        £200 in full or 5 monthly instalments of £42
            Early bird price:    Available till end of July 2017
                        £210 in full or 5 monthly instalments of £44

            Normal price:    £230 in full or 5 monthly instalments of £48
            You can pay here if paying the normal price in full

Your booking is not confirmed until payment is arranged (either paid in full or automated instalments set up)